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The history of African Americans plays an important role in American history, not only because of the Civil Rights Movement, but because of adversity, African Americans were vilified for wanting to live a good life in America. Acknowledging the contributions of African Americans is the primary goal of Black history. Black history is about sharing and celebrating stories of the countless men and women who made a difference in our world.

This essay contest requires students to discover and learn about African American pioneers who were a significant part of American History.


  • 10TH Katherine Johnson Aeronautics
  • 11TH Benjamin Banneker Self-Educated Scientist— No Entries
  • 12TH Henrietta Lacks Immortal Cells


12th Grade- 1st Place is Jaleah Colbert from Westover High School, Georgia

2nd Place is Amya Leak from Warren Mott High School, Michigan

Winners for 10th Grade

1st Place Winner Sadri Mohamed from Lewiston, High School, Maine

2nd Place Winner Serenty Tyson from Sumter High School, Georgia

Our Judges

  • Carla Holbrook 
  • Erkeisha Terry 
  • Merrie Allen 
  • Marlene’ Carter 
  • Marylin Hackett 
  • Ricky Allen 
  • Bridgette Johnson –Yes 
  • Trac McDowell 
  • Diane Babineaux 
  • Michelle Radix 
  • Ansonia Cobb 
  • Tomelya Coley 
  • Lisa Woodard 
  • Yvette Stafford 
  • Dr Jynean E. Chandler 
  • Dr Angela A. Scott 
  • Sandra Davis 
  • Rita Yancy-

Our Competitions

Competition 1

Judge Name: Judge 1

Competition Rules:

  1. Submit your document with in the docx file.
  2. Document file Should be “your Name _ Judge Name”
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